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My name is Emily Ruth. I help women break free from diet culture and reconnect with their bodies in friendship. This frees us to feel liberation from energy draining thoughts and behaviors. I help women live the life they are meant to live! Seriously, it’s pretty epic to witness and be a part of. I believe it’s some of the most important action we can take in this life– to really love and appreciate the gift we are given in our bodies. When we have love and compassion for ourselves, it is so much easier to give love and compassion to others.

Women ask me, “But how do you actually DO that work? How do I make peace with my body?” I love this question because there are specific things I help my clients do, but HOW each of us does them is so different. It’s beautiful really, that our paths to healing are each as unique as we are. I remember feeling so lost and frustrated at the beginning of my own path. I wished every day for someone to shine a flashlight to illuminate my answers in the dark tunnel I was stuck in. After nearly 2 decades of dead ends and dark corners, I’ve gained tools, and I would love to support you in your own journey of discovery.

In the coming days I’ll be loading up this website with free downloads, podcast episodes, and other resources to help you reconnect with your body in friendship. Subscribe to this blog for updates on all the latest information. Learn your Body Truth. I’m here to help you navigate your path.

Love and live well,

Emily Ruth

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