Live & Love Fearlessly


There’s a message that has showed up for me over and over and over and a dear friend reminded me again today. It is this: “Slow down to speed up.” Meaning, true productivity doesn’t come from my speed. It comes from pointing my compass intentionally in the right direction.
It is so simple, and I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s not complicated. It is free from the hustle and the frantic energy I have felt in my own life and all around us at times.
Slow down.
Take the time to tune in and get quiet. I now know that when we do this, “the hustle” evaporates. I no longer glorify “busy.” I used to, I’ll admit. But as I got caught in the thick of it, I realized it was anti-everything I really value. The hustle doesn’t honor my relationships or the energy I put toward spirituality. Busy doesn’t grow my knowledge or faith or productivity in the areas I *really* want.
I’m still learning, but I challenge you to slow down with me. We are infinitely resourced when we fill our cups from the true source. He will give us what we need… minus the frantic pace.
Live and love fearlessly

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