Let Me Introduce Myself



Hi! I’m so glad you’re here. If you’re new around, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Emily Ruth and it’s nice to meet you. *gives virtual hug* I’m a nap taker, cat snuggler and people lover. People are my favorite part of life and I’d be ecstatic to hear more about you! Thanks for stopping by. 😊 I hope you’ll stay awhile~


Voices Needed!


Hey There!

How have you been? Now, for a sec, forget there is a screen and some distance between us and envision that you are over at my house, and we are lounging on my couch. I’d offer you some peppermint or citrus zinger because herbal tea is my thing. Now tell me – Really, how are you?
I’ve been thinking about you, along with a few other amazing souls I’ve connected with in this online space. I was wondering, would you be open to being interviewed for a recorded project I’m doing? You can be anonymous, or not, but I want to document the relationships women have with their bodies. I want to hear all the things. Would you be willing to share your story?
When I was serving as a doula, I listened to so many birth stories and it was incredibly powerful to bear witness to other women, and their experiences. For some, it brought healing. For others, they gained empowerment and insights they hadn’t yet realized. A few, just needed to cry. I would love to hear your body story. Your connection and relationship with yourself and how you have come to the place you are in, wherever that is. I’m looking for women of all backgrounds. Your voice is needed.
DM or Email me at emily@emilyruthcoach.com for info and we can talk more about the project.